Analytical Psychology and Tango - Por Lic. Ignacio Lavalle Cobo
We investigate Tango from the paradigm of the collective unconscious and the
archetypes of Carl Jung's theory to trace transpersonal essences and to recover ritual.
The tango, in any of its manifestations, but especially in the dance, removes
primary archetypes, essential to the psychic structure of human being. Using
the philosophical and anthropological prism of C. G. Jung´s psychology we can
see how these basic structures come together to form the psyche.

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A Psychoanalytic Approach to Tango - Por Lic. Mónica Peri
As a psychoanalytic tool, we can liken the tango to a game. As a game, the dance
of tango allows us to put ourselves in touch with our unconscious: bodies that
speak, and bodies that are heard.
Incarnate bodies, in which life manifests. The dance of tango, is a meeting with
one itself, that allows us to stand up, to support our proper balance, our axis, to be
able to meet one another.
We see tango as a phenomenon, much more profound than a simple diversion in
which we move the body... we speak of an activity that helps us to minimize the
loss of that first basic relation with our mother and/or the conscious or unconscious
losses of our romantic dreams, our illusions of freedom, of power, and of safety.
Our losses, as they are universal, make tango a universal instrument that facilitates a
way of overcoming loss. We believe that all of our experiences of loss return us to the
original loss - that primary loss in the relationship between mother and child.

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