Is a new method that combines the tango with psychology, conscious that the body
is the manifestation of the soul. It is a tool that gets to the essence of the individual,
discovering their nature, across the movement of the body with one another and
fundamentally with the group, from whence we are born and come.
It consists of returning to recapture the rituals of tango-dance, mobilizing the group
with operative exercises and working with improvisation, returning to the dance, playing,
as if we were children.
It allows us to learn to dance, caring for our souls, and to be able to teach the dance,
offering emotional support to beginners. Psicotango understands, contains and includes
other terms that we define here:


Is the capacity that tango has to accompany the patient through suffering, by virtue of its intensity. Is the process that develops naturally as he undertakes the therapy, over time and with the help of a professional.

Community tango

Is the capacity that tango has to gather different people without any socio-cultural, political, religious, ethnic or pathological (both, psychic and physical) discrimination. It is a manifestation that occurs spontaneously in all public centres of tango.

Existential tango

Is the capacity that tango has to operate in the field of emotions, from senso-perception, achieving an allowing the individual to both observe and change his or her daily condition. It is an aspect of tango that can be promoted and contained by specialists in the psychology field or in the rest of health specialities, to achieve its maximum benefit.

Tango of Individuation

Is the capacity that tango has to accelerate the process that C. G Jung has defined as meeting the self-archetype. Offering the power to be seduced to itself in the search for identity, recovering his/her affirmation (this phenomenon can happen with or without professional help). The tango is a psycho-physical catalyst on the process of individuation, to manage to reach the self, through others.

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