General aims:
To notice the possibilities provided by the Tango dance as experiencing method.
To bring near and/or connect the participants with the Tango phenomenon-culture from a prejudice free perspective.
To offer the possibility of getting a new meaning of Tango from one's own body experiences.
To explore this form of communication.

Specific objectives:
To use Tango as a bridge to mobilize our inner things (complexes, fears, censorship).
To become aware of the psycho-physical-social unit.
To set our body as registry place of affective memories.
From a creative point of view start to listen our body language.

Theoretical basics:
The mechanics of the work is in groups given that the Tango cannot be conceived individually but in pairs, interrelating with other pairs with whom you share more than just the physical space.
Our place, as coordinators, will be to recognize the group as mould of a process, understanding that the dance of Tango places us, above all, in a group situation.
The selected exercises for the seminar have to do with the awareness of oneself through a dialogue, at first, with one's own body and then with the body of the other as a couple and of the rest as a dancing group.
It is necessary for us to share the difficulty that we have in trying to explain, in simple and suitable words, an exercise or a certain movement so that the reader may visualize them when putting them into practice.
Next, we will try to explain the basics which led us to choose some of the resorts we appeal to in order to favor the way to finding oneself through the body.
To become aware of something is synonym of, for us, paying attention to our muscular tone, focusing on the organs, sensory tracking, etc., to the way of speaking, that our soul has, through our body. From a body point of view we will be able to establish an inner inference of our state of mind.
This idea expresses that what the poet William Blake so very eloquently said: "for that call'd Body is a portion of Soul discern'd by the five Senses."
We aim to harmonize our body, find our balance (our axis), to be able to dance with life with maximum efficiency.
For example, in the beginning of our meetings, we first dedicate some time to space. In our daily living we move around the space but now we will try to be there.
We experience that, even if the environment cannot stop its rhythm, we may choose to slow down and make it our own.
We learn to dance together -live- our own way, just as in a milonga every dancer dances with their own style.
We are aware that everybody, at the end of the seminar, will get back to their day-to-day movements with no spirit but endowed with a consciousness that helps them take steadier steps, have their shoulders back, haughty… like the tanguero.
We ask questions: how do you feel? What are you doing? Why do you think you are doing it? Why can't you do it? How do you do it? In order to lead to awareness that, through our bodies, we will be able to know our behaviors and experience the circumstances, facts that in themselves will have a therapeutic contribution. Once the body interrogation process begins, it cannot be restrained. Little by little, other ways of observation, other levels of comprehension are created. The process will begin to decipher the body messages without judging them, accepting ourselves.
We will observe how the participants handle themselves rather than try to explain the reason of their actions.
The guiding concepts will be those of authenticity and openness.
Each one will be able to recognize their "shield", their own fear of freedom, and their own cultural and ancestral rules.
We will learn to listen, which is not the same as hearing, to hug rather than touch, remember scents which is not the same as sniffing, to poeticize with our feet which is not the same as speaking.
We will try to sharpen and widen the thresholds of perceptive registry through sensory experiences that will deploy those senses rarely used by people. For example, we seek out to stimulate the skin to enhance the sense of touch and register unknown or repressed feelings in each one of you. This will stimulate and increase the individual possibilities of being more spontaneous, free, and integrated.
Instructions cover recourses that may be grouped (in practice, almost impossible) into exercises that have to do with mobility, communication, creativity and awareness.
Healthy and sensible communication with the other through awareness of the acts of the body is exercised with recourses that have been already tested in seminars delivered by the Dinzels and others taken from Operative Groups.
The power provided by this cultural and popular display will be taken in by the participants through exercises that will connect them to the earth, attempting to grab their original destiny.
The seminar will not encourage the strict dance techniques or the stereotyped and repetitive figures of tango; it will aim toward improvisation, the finding of our own style, in a personal way.
Unblock, make easy the flow of energy will generate the miracle of finding the flair, the mobility, the creativity, the fun, and in this way, solve "unresolved business" that will also demand awareness.
When the seminar begins, your first move, your stare, your posture, your smile or grimace, richly provides the intimate material that we will discover together.
Always stressing, in practice, the presence of the other, facing the other and with the other recognizing the totality of the genre.
Display of affection, emotions and impulses will be encouraged.
We do not mean for the participants to put into words their problems; it is about getting in touch with what they are doing, through their bodies, the bodies of another participant and the rest as a group.
If you block your actions or your feelings, we will encourage you to keep trying to unblock them so that you may connect this body doing with the dance of your own life.
At the seminars we develop a superficial and deep sensitivity, as well as the capacity of self-observation that allows us to live the changes that are happening. The presence of the coordinator, at the same time, is another neutral, wide, and containing look given that the results will happen in their own time.
Through these seminars and continued practices with clear and directed instructions, exercises specially developed to travel experiences of movement, taking care of the group and its special details PSICOTANGO tries to get through the body to make the soul more and more visible.
The recourses are used, through a considerate and variable attention, by the therapists that will try to refresh the inner world, adjusting the participation to what surfaces in situ.
We call our seminars EXISTENCIAL given that it is a method that accompanies the growth toward a bigger awareness, understanding that the body is the materialization of our inner world.
Throughout the seminar no interpretations will be done by the team, instead operative interventions are done. The interventions include resources from different branches, favoring the body ones as: deepen a silence, emphasizing a distance.
The stages in which this meeting is divided answer those used in psycho dramatic techniques, given its proximity with the staging of a game. This is why we call them Opening, Warming Up, Task, and Closure.

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