Lic. Mónica Peri Lic. Ignacio Lavalle Cobo

Milonguera, journalist and announcer. Licensed in Psychology,
she has published stories in newspaper "Pagina 12" and in the magazine "Planeta Urbano". She is a member of the Dinzel Group and is a writer and researcher of Tango and its relation with Psychoanalysis. She is the Coordinator of Psicotango's Seminars. Monica was born in Bahia Blanca and now lives in Buenos Aires, in a "Casona" in Abasto, a traditional tango neighbourhood.

He was born in Bs. As. and obtained his degree in Psychology (UBA- University of Buenos Aires) and then received a Master's degree in Analytical Psychology, at the C.G. Jung Foundation of PA's. He is a writer and researcher of the effects of tango - dance. He began studying tango in 2002 in a variety of schools, finally committed himself to The Dinzel´s studio. He coordinates workshops of tango in public hospitals and public spaces, with the goal of achieving therapeutic effects, as well as Psicotango's meetings and seminars. He is also A Tai-Chi-Chuan's teacher and integrates the two disciplines.

Imagen: Pintura de Estela Bartoli
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